Happy new customer

We had a customer who rang to say there was a problem with the mattress she recently bought from us. I asked what was the problem and she said " We can't get out of bed in the morning!"

Sounds like a good problem to have!

Former All Black

"We keep coming back cause you make $@#%%%  good beds!"

Wanganui Customer

"We put the bed in the spare room and it became a family joke cause everybody who slept in it said "I had such a good sleep last nite""


Wrote to tell us that her bed has been in storage for six months and she been missing it so badly.

American-NZ citizens

"We spend six months in the US and six months in New Zealand, but we cant wait to get back to our Bed Barn Bed."

Motel Owner

We get such a good response to your beds, people regularly ask where the beds come from.

Paeroa Resident

We slept in one of your beds at a motel in Woodville and we want to order one just like it.

Snoring Hubbies wife

"I love it every time my husband snores I go through and sleep in our Bed Barn bed and I get such a great night sleep"

 Satisfied Customer

"We have bought all our beds from the Bed Barn"

Numerous Referred Customers

"Our best friends recommended your beds to us"











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