Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to buy a bed. What do I need to know?

How do you decide which is the most suitable bed to replace your existing one?
It could be 10 or 15 years since you last bought a new bed. Choice and technology have changed dramatically in this time.

If the tensile strength of the springs has reduced to a point where the unit may not be giving you the support that you need and you may start waking up with a sore back.

Everyone is different so the choice of bed becomes very personal. The most expensive bed in the shop will not necessarily be the one for you. The decision to buy should be based on what feels most comfortable to you, so you should try it first.

When trying a bed in store, wear comfortable clothing. The bed should keep your body relatively straight being neither too hard nor soft to ensure good spinal alignment. If buying as a couple, test the bed for stability and side support and make sure it does not hammock or roll together. This will give a more restful sleep in a shared bed.

Sometimes it takes a little while to adjust to sleeping in a new bed. Allow yourself at least a week or longer.

You need to be assured by the shop you intend buying from, that you have the right to exchange if your bed is unsuitable. You also need to ensure your bed is a standard NZ size.

The Bed Barn manufactures a range of comfortable beds to suit most people. Because all the staff are involved in the manufacture of beds, their knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping you make an informed decision. Coupled with true factory direct to public concept we will “save you money and give you a good night’s sleep!”

How much will I save buying directly from The Bed Barn?

Undoubtedly the concept of buying goods directly from the factory results in significant savings. The savings are derived firstly by bypassing retail margins. The factory direct concept also saves extra rent, insurance, sales peoples wages, freight, phone lines, electricity and so on. These one off costs are not duplicated by a factory-direct retail shop, so you don’t pay them twice!

In addition to savings, two other distinct advantages arise. One is quality of materials and construction. The other is the “knowledge” the staff can relay to help customers know that they are buying so that they can make a wise decision on the purchase of a new bed.

What is the difference between Bonnell and Pocket spring systems?

By far the most common spring system world wide is the Bonnell, estimated to be about 80% of the world market. Tried and proven over many years our NZ Manufacturer offers a 10 year guarantee on the unit. Many manufacturers disguise the Bonnell type under other names to portray exclusivity, however we prefer to call them by their proper name.

There are variations on the Bonnell system, how they are made will alter the feel. The Bonnell coil is hour glass shaped and the coil is knotted on each end. The coils are strung together by a spiral shaped wire called a helical wire. Variations include coil height, wire gauge, number of turns in the coil, waist size and coil diameter. The coil diameter determines the number of coils in the spring unit. All of these factors have to be built in balance to achieve the right amount of comfort and support.

Pocket Springs have been made for a number of years but more recently are very popular in NZ. The pocket springs we use are made in Italy and we’ve been using them in our mattresses for over 20 years and never had any issues with them.

Their benefits primarily are that they virtually eliminate partner disturbance and that they very closely follow your body shape and contours. They are usually zoned with stronger springs in the center region and softer springs in each end so that you have more torso support but more give for the shoulders.

They are built by inserting each individual coil into a synthetic non woven fabric pocket. There is no mechanical connection (ie helical wire) linking the springs together so, as a result, no transfer of movement from one part of the mattress to another.

What type of bed bases do you make?

The Bed Barn has its own woodwork division and we manufacture all our own bases to our own unique designs. All joints are laminated, glued and stapled and we use more timber than most other manufacturers. All our bases come with the option of adding up to 4 drawers to them, depeniding on the size.

Please note that King, Super king and California king beds are all split or two piece bases.

Our platform bases are slatted, strapped and fully upholstered to match the mattress. This type of base has become increasingly popular in recent years as it helps eliminate roll together, hammocking and partner disturbance. Depth of bases is usually 250mm, though we can custom make them to your desired height. All bases are fitted with headboard bolts and legs with gliders. Gliders allow the base to move easily. We can also manufacture customs bases to suit your individual size and specification requirements.

What should I know before making my final bed choice?

Ask about the Foams

Many manufacturers now use low density foams in their mattresses. Ensure that the density of the foams is greater than 25 for best comfort and a long lasting mattress. Many cheaper foams will initially hold their shape but within a shorter time will deteriorate. Low density foams often do not support a person throughout the night, as there is insufficient foam to cope with the weight of the individual sleeping on it. Therefore the foam walls start to break down immediately on use. The heavier a person is the more important the density and support of the foam.

High density foams give good support and last many years.

Ensure the manufacturer uses foam, not fibre only, to cover the springs. Otherwise you are in for an uncomfortable night. Use the tips of your fingers to push down and measure the depth of foams. If you can feel the spring, walk away.

Have you bought a new couch and now you are sitting on the wood? The reason is poor quality foams, but they look great in the shop!


Many manufacturers are using cheaper springs, so now the springs are lasting only 3-7 years instead of 10-15 years. Springs made from inferior quality steel will not last as long as quality steel. Some manufacturers say they can guarantee no “roll together”. Roll together will always happen eventually as the springs wear out. Many manufacturers are trying to reduce the life of a mattress so they can sell more. Don’t be fooled!

Sales Marketing

Watch for sales gimmicks, ” we will give you $1000 off”. Don’t be fooled, on Monday they probably put them up by $1000, and dropp them on Friday. But have you ever seen advertisements for the price hikes!! The higher prices are advertised so that you feel like you’re getting your bed for half price, when they offer you a discount. Don’t fall for it. It’s often not the case!

Be wary of mattresses that look absolutely fabulous, often this can be hiding cheaper quality products inside the mattress. Very expensive mattresses don’t necessarily mean good value, sometimes just good profit!

In times past if you paid good money for a bed, more often than not, you got good quality, and long life out of a bed. These days, the opposite can be true. Do not expect that just because you are paying a large sum of money you are getting a good quality product. The salesperson knows when you say “I don’t mind paying good money for a good bed”. Unfortunately price is no longer an indicator of quality.

Pocket Springs

These minimise disturbance from your partner, they will not stop roll together as often quoted. Roll together comes with time. Most springs will eventually produce roll together as the spring gets past its use by date. Your concern is how long will that be. If you find a good comfortable bed you want it to last. Poorer quality springs will manifest the symptoms of roll together much sooner than quality product.


Everyone needs support in their mattress, if you don’t get support then you will either get a sore back or you will be lying on the springs which can also give you a sore lower back, shoulders and hips. We always have a support foam, many manufacturers use thinner softer foams for their mattresses with no support at all. Watch out for this.


Many mattresses now being sold are mutton dressed up as lamb. Expensive exteriors with inferior interiors. Don’t be fooled by fancy fabrics, alternative products offering superior qualities which make only small differences to the comfort levels of your mattress. Like a car it’s the engine that’s important. Labels can be misleading, if it’s supposedly sponsored by a medical organisation, check the organisation! We often find if it ha a label for how good the mattress is for your back, then that’s why we are repairing it!

Use by date

Some retailers say you should change your bed every 7 years. This is an excellent sales technique, but from your perspective, the best time to change your bed is when you need to, in other words when it is no longer comfortable for you, or if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of your mattress. Mattresses are not lasting as long because of poor products being used. At the Bed Barn we will continue to use top quality products. Be careful to find out what’s inside the bed, don’t be fooled by the exterior. Using a mattress protector is a good idea, but some people react to products inside them, if you’re heating up on the bed, check the mattress protector.

Do you sell headboards with your beds?

The Bed Barn make covered headboards in a variety of fabrics and colours along with our standard black, browns and greys. View more here

We can also make a bed base in a fabric to match your headboard.

What size are your beds?

We make all the New Zealand standardised bed sizes. We’ve included dimensions for you here.

Single 900 x 1880

Long Single 900 x 2030

King Single 1050 x 2030

Three Quarter 1200 x 1880

Double 1350 x 1880

Long Double 1350 x 2030

Queen 1500 x 2030

King 1650 x 2030

Super King 1800 x 2030

California King 2000 x 2030

'Extra Special' Bed Barn services!

Generally walking into a store and being confronted by a maze of beds can be bewildering. Our staff will help you in the selection process by assessing your needs and helping you choose the right bed for you from the 3 available ranges.

Size, comfort, firmness, back support, older or younger person, regular or spare bed, what you are currently sleeping on, and affordability are some of the factors taken into consideration.

Other things you will find helpful are our financing options, a 1 Year Comfort Trial period, if you feel your bed is not quite the right one for you, and a 10 year warranty. Usually it takes no more than 2-3 weeks from order to delivery, but we can also process urgent orders. We can remove your old bed if you wish.

We also custom make beds to special sizes including mattresses to fit caravans, boats, and waterbeds.

How do I know that The Bed Barn beds are good quality?

We are sometimes asked how our beds compare with others. As we are competing in a tight market where people demand value for money we are especially conscious of the need to use best quality materials.

Our pocket springs systems are imported form Milan, Italy, from a 3rd generation family owned business that’s been leading the spring-making industry in Europe since 1938. We only use high-density NZ and AU made foams, for long-lasting comfort and support.

A range of fabrics are imported by the quilting company. These are carefully selected by firstly examining the yarn construction to ensure a long durable performance and comfortable feel. Secondly by colour and contemporary design to suit a variety of tastes.

Do you do mattress or base repairs?

Many people have brand new mattresses and do not get a good nights sleep on them. We can make them comfortable for you. Don’t put it off, get a price from us to make it possible to sleep well.

We can also repair your old mattresses and bases. Though some may be beyond repair, we will work with you to decide on your best course of action or to find a suitable alternative for you and give you an estimate to do the work.

So if your fabric is stained, ripped, or worn we can recover it for you. If the foams are worn out we can replace them.

Does The Bed Barn make custom sized beds?

Each year we make many custom beds for our clients. For caravans, boats, recreational vehicle beds and beds for tall or bigger people.

We can make mattresses to suit unusual shapes to fit into tight areas or different sized bases.

We can make a custom bed to fit your European bed base which may be different from our NZ standard sizes.

If you want a particular comfort level, we are able to work with you to produce a bed specifically to meet your requirements. Need it softer or firmer? We can do that for you. Many people of Asian decent prefer a much firmer bed… we can ensure you that we can supply a mattress with the right softness/firmness level for your particular needs.