- divan.jpgThe Bed Barn has its own woodwork division and we manufacture all our own bases to our own unique designs. All joints are laminated, glued and stapled and we use more timber than most other manufacturers We make draw divans in all sizes and all models.
King, Super king and California king beds are all split or two piece bases. We also import trundler over beds and  trundlers under beds, but use our mattresses. We currently make the first two base models: a platform base, or a divan base.


1. Platform Base

Platform base is slatted and strapped with a foam overlay and fully upholstered to match the mattress. This type of base has become increasingly popular in recent years as it helps eliminate roll together, hammocking and partner disturbance. Depth of bases is usually 250mm, though we can custom make them to your desired height. All bases are fitted with headboard bolts and legs with gliders. Gliders allow the base to move easily. We can also manufacture customs bases to suit your individual size and specification requirements. 

2.  Divan Base

We also make divan bases for those that need extra storage  under  their  bed.  These are constucted of wood and then covered with a choice of fabrics. Queen bases have one large draw in each side and two smaller draws in the end of the bed. Headboard bolts are inserted in the head of the bed. With single and king single bed there are two smaller draws in one side of the bed. We allow for headboard bolts in both ends of the bed so if you wish to turn the bed around you are still able to have a headboard.

3. Torsion Bar Sprung Base 

A double knee action torsion bar spring system known as the sigma grid and imported from the USA is used extensively by american bed manufacturers. Originally imported by Wholesale Bed Supplies Ltd. several NZ member manufactures enjoy exclusive use of this system. Double knee action means that as weight is transferred to the spring the torsion bars press toward each other to prevent lateral sway. The Springs are very firm, much firmer than coil sprung bases and are designed to give impact resistance when someone 'drops' onto the bed. Because of their firmness and even distribution over the timber base, back support is excellent, roll together prevented and strong side support given. Not used by us these days.

4. Coil Sprung Base

Older coil sprung bases tended to induce roll together and hammocking, however our newer unique design utilizes a low profile sprung unit. ie. shorter spring that has less travel lessening the jelling effect and maximizing stability of the bed. The spring unit is steelwire edged and extends to the outer perimeter of the bed so that weight transfer is evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the bed eliminating problems associated with older design. The use of older type coil sprung bases is limited now as people become more aware of better systems. Not used by us these days.










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