I havent slept like that for 30 years - 87 year old gentleman

Thanks for the mattress, we enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend your services - J & J

Love the bed, we are in bed heaven! - J & M


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 When buying a bed, you have two choices, talk to the MAKERS of the beds or a retailer with no experience in making beds, make the best choice for yourself. We make the beds.

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 Are you getting a bad nights’ sleep?

Check out our Heritage  or Royal Christopher Mattresses - they are our most popular mattresses and come with a 100% guarantee that you will get a better nights’ sleep.

 Your partner disturbs you at night?

Our pocket spring mattresses prevent  interrupted sleep from a restless partner, allowing you to get a great nights sleep - every night!
It may be that your partners’ restlessness is because you need a new bed.

 Mattress needs repairing? 

Have you recently bought a new mattress from somewhere and its causing you grief, we are able to make it better. Does your mattress need repairing and you can't afford a new one? We repair mattresses and bases. We can make it  firmer  or softer. Talk to us about our mattress repair services.

 Do you require a custom made bed or mattress?

We can make you a mattress that fits your individual requirements… for your bach, caravan, antique bed, recreational vehicle, or simply because you're taller or larger than average. We can also make you a strengthened base if required. Find out more...

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"I just wanted to give some positive feedback on a bed I purchased from The Bed Barn 16 months ago. I absolutely love it! I have never had a more comfortable sleep! When I was in the process of moving it was in storage and I missed it so much.. Anyway, I just thought I'd take the time to send my compliments. Thanks again".

- Samantha









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